One Directon Ruined My Life
Niall and Katie Cute Imagine

"C’mon, Niall, let’s go! The game starts at 7!" You called upstairs, anxious to leave. You and Niall we’re going to the opening football game in your hometown, since he was back in town from touring with the guys. You laughed as you saw Niall running down the stairs in the jersey you two had bought for him a few days ago.

"Eh?" He said with a smile, gesturing to the jersey and spinning around.

"Niall, you can’t just go out like that. People will notice you." You laughed, reaching over the the closet to grab a hat and glasses.

"Awww, c’mon I don’t want to be in disguise." He whined, be you just smiled and handed him the hat, and he finally gave in and put it on. He slipped on the sunglasses, and you two finally decided he was unreckognizable enough to leave for the game. You two quickly jumped in the car and arrived at he game in no time, then handed the people out front your tickets and got to your seats soon after.

"Great view." Niall said and you agreed, cuddling nect to him as a breeze came on, chilling the air. You two enjoyed the game and were cheering like crazy, when the half time kiss cam came on, and of course panned over to you two.

"Well, if we’re on the camera…" Niall said cheekily, and you leaned in to kiss him, pulling him close. The crowd started cheering, a little too loudly, and you started to freak out that someone ahd recognized Niall, but it seemed that no one around you had.

"Want to go get some food?" Niall said, standing up and taking your hand in his, intertwining his fingers with yours.

"Sure, let’s go get some funnel cakes!" You cheered, and run ahead of him, headed to the consessions. He laughed and followed you, and you two quickly got in line.

"Oh My God, Are you Niall Horan!?" You heard some girl say behind you two, and you winced, knowing what was next.

"No…" Niall said in an extremely fake American accent.

"You are Niall!!!" She cheered, and pulled out her phone and began to take pictures with Niall, as more people started to crowd around you two. Before you knew it, the crowd had grown into a mob, and there were cameras flashing everywhere. You started to get pushed away from Niall, and started to freak out, getting shoved and tripped. Before you knew it, Niall Grabbed your hand and started running away from the chaotic crowd, and you were running after him, trying to keep up.

As soon as you two escaped the crowd and reached the parking lot, the crowd kept running and chasing you all, but Niall finally reached your car and jumped in, speeding away.

"That was a close one." Niall sighed, and you two started to laugh, still leaving the parking lot.

"I love you, Niall." You smiled, and leaned in to kiss him again.

"Love you too, Princess." He smiled and kissed back, giving you a gentle kiss as he returned to the road and drove you two home.

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