One Directon Ruined My Life
Harry and Natalie Imagine

Your friend, Katie, had invited you to a giant New Year’s party she was having at her house since her parents were out of town, and she was convinced she had a friend that would be perfect for you. You weren’t desperate for a boyfriend, but you thought flirting it up with an apparently hot guy at a friend’s party couldn’t be too bad.

By the time you arrived, the party was already crazy, music blasting through the street and people out in the yard and all around, some drinking, some dancing, partying, talking, all of it chaotic as you fought your way through the crowd to find your friend. You were wearing a pair of heels and a cute dress, your hair curled neatly as you dodged people and made your way inside, finally finding your friend.

“Hey, Natalie, So glad you could make it!” She said, giving you a quick hug.

“Me too, it’s crazy! SO, where’s this hot guy you’ve been trying to set me up with?” You said with a laugh, scanning around.

“Henry, have you seen Harry?” She asked the guy sitting across the room from her, and he pointed towards the kitchen.

“Oh there he is! Here, I’ll show you!” She said, dragging you towards the food and drinks piled crazily in the kitchen.

“Harry, this is Natalie, Natalie this is Harry.” She said, introducing you to possibly the fittest guy you had ever met. He was tall, somewhat muscular, with deep green eyes. His slightly curly hair was perfectly swooped, framing his face perfectly as his chiseled jaw line and collar bones stood out, practically begging for your attention.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” He said with a deep, cheeky accent as he shook your hand, bending down to kiss the back of your hand, smiling at you. Your friend just gave a proud smile and disappeared back into the party as Harry offered you a drink and began to talk to you.

“So, how do you now Katie?” He asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“Oh, we’ve known each other for a few years, school and stuff. What about you?” You asked, leaning on the counter across from him.

“Her brother is in my band, White Eskimo.” He said proudly.

“Oh that’s cool, you should let me hear you all play some time.” You said, smiling up at him. Even in your heels, he was a good three or so inches taller than you.

You all kept talking about the band and a music and stuff, not really anything too important, when suddenly every gathered into the living room around the tv, watching as the ball was about to drop.

“Okay, listen up everyone, time to get your significant other cause you all know it’s bad luck if you don’t have a kiss at New Years!” the announcer said, before turning back to the ball, and you felt Harrys hand at the curve of your back , pulling you slightly towards him.

“10… 9… 8…” Everyone started shouting, including you two. As soon as they got all the way to 0, you were taken back when Harry turned to you, pressing his lips gently to yours. It was a slow, soft kiss, until you pressed your lips harder to his, pulling him in and deepening the kiss. You didn’t care that you barely knew they guy, it felt like a lifetime. As you pulled away, Harry had a cheeky grin across his face and reached into his pocket, grabbing his phone.

“I will definitely have to let you hear the band sometime, after that kiss. What’s your number?” he asked smiling. You two quickly exchanged number until he had to leave, and gave you a kiss on the cheek before disappearing out of the house. No more than an hour after you got home from the party, you had a message from him, asking when you wanted to hear the band play, and more importantly when he could see you again.

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